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Chelsea Brotherton — Content Writer,
Corpus Christi

Chelsea Brotherton is a content writer and front-end SEO strategist helping small businesses in Corpus Christi achieve growth-focused content goals. 

Content Writing

As a small business owner, you have the knowledge about the products and services that your customers are asking for. In fact, your customers are searching for information about your products and services online every single day. 

However, as a small business owner, you probably don't have the time to devote to keyword planning, content strategizing, and sitting down to write well-informed, descriptive content that your customers will love. 

That's where CAB Content & SEO Services comes in. Chelsea Brotherton has been helping small businesses in the Corpus Christi area to fill their websites with the informative content customers are looking for, optimized for how Google and other search engines evaluate sites for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

The results? Steady growth of traffic, clicks, and position in SERPs — all key, trackable metrics that you can watch grow your business and sales. 

Front-End SEO Strategizing

OK — Say you did have the time to sit down and write regular articles about your products and/or services for your site. 

Are you familiar with Search Engine Optimization best practices? Do you know how Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines evaluate your web pages to decide what to show in Search Results? 

Because even the most informative, well-intentioned information won't draw any traffic if the page hasn't been properly optimized. 

To maximize your website traffic you must take advantage of keyword planning, interlinking strategies, and a consistent schedule of updating information for relevancy. 

Chelsea Brotherton has been working with Corpus Christi's small businesses to create strategies that focus on well-optimized landing pages for local search terms, well-researched and informative blogs to build consistency, keyword planning to cover all aspects of your products and services, and continuous monitoring and upkeep of content and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

Don't Wait

Building and maintaining a relationship between your website, search engines, and customers takes consistent effort over time. There's no better time to get started planning for the future than right now! Give Chelsea a call at (832) 692-5441, email at, or simply fill out the form provided on this page!

Let's talk about your business and opportunities to begin improving your website traffic today!

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