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What To Expect

This page offers examples of the deliverables you will receive while working with me. I tailor each plan for your specific business, but generally, you will receive an initial inventory from me upon request of my services. This is an opportunity for me to get to know your website as it is, understand where it is performing well, and what areas there are for improvement.

From there, you will receive a monthly metric tracking report that provides you with details and insights into the performance of your website based on the work I'm doing. These reports will highlight where the work is successful and what opportunities can be improved.

Additionally, you will have access to a live keyword planning worksheet. This is where I continuously research and update keywords relevant to your industry and their search volumes, as well as track which keywords have had content created for them.

Finally, you will receive a weekly work log from me. This is a live document that I update with all the details about the work I perform for your site. I'll email you a quick synopsis each week, but the work log contains the specifics. 


Below are the downloadable files. In the Monthly Tracking Reports folder you can find month-by-month reports from one of my clients' websites. These illustrate the type of progress you can hope to see with diligent SEO work. However, keep in mind that progress is measured very individually, and there are a ton of variables with every site. 

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