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Home & Garden

On this page, you will find a sampling of my work in the home and garden industry.

Children's Nursery

When you get home with your newborn, the last thing you'll want to be doing is rearranging the nursery because nothing is convenient. With these tips for setting up the perfect nursery for your new arrival, you'll have a functional nursery ready to go before the baby arrives.

Image by Nick Morrison

We know how difficult it can be to stay productive while working from home. However, there are some tips and tricks to help keep you focused on your work and getting things done.

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin

If you're going through bags and bags of pre-mixed potting soil, it's time to level-up your gardening and start making your own, saving you money — and trips to the garden supply shop.

Kid Painting

In this blog, we’ll share all of our secrets on how to design a playroom that will both bolster your little one’s inherent need to learn and express himself or herself through creative play, all while maintaining a space that is easy to keep organized and fosters independence for your child.

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